Who will win the 2015 Copa América?

Next year’s Copa América isn’t far away and comes with a little more spice this time after Brazil’s 1-7 home thrashing to Germany in this year’s World Cup. It goes without saying that this was the absolute nadir of Brazil’s footballing history and the current squad of players will be under a lot of pressure to restore the power balance in world football.

The big prize will, of course, be the 2018 World Cp in Russia, but that’s a long way off and it can wait for now. First, the re-formatted Brazil back under the stewardship of Dunga must prove itself again on South American soil – and that means next year’s Copa América.

The finals will be held in Chile from 11th June with the final on July 4th. With the major bookmakers including Unibet, 32 Red and some others, Argentina are 9/4 favourites followed by Brazil at 3/1 and the hosts Chile and 7/2. The real value bet, though, seems to be current holders Uruguay at 8/1.

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So you should be able to play through a few games of roulette etc., and have a decent amount left over for the sports book. And if you’re betting in the Copa América and you love Brazil – then Dunga has certainly given you room for optimism since the ignominy of the World Cup.

Brazil have now enjoyed four straight wins under Dunga who also seems to have changed the team’s overall playing philosophy. He’s also drawing more players than before from Brazil’s domestic league. In the recent match against Japan, six Seleção players were drawn from the Campeonato Brasileiro during the second half. This is a good sign. Kaka, Everton Ribeiro, Jefferson, Gil, Souza, and Robinho are all playing in the Brazilian top flight at the moment – and all plying their trade on the pitch at international level.

The Copa América will be the first real acid test of the new structure under Dunga. Brazilian fans will expect, as an absolute base, a decent performance and a run to the semis, though most fans will be both wanting and expecting a lot more. Remember that in the 2007 tournament, Dunga took Brazil all he way to the final against arch-enemies Argentina – where most pundits (and bookmakers) firmly expected Brazil to lose. But Brazil won 3–0. And they may well defy the odds again next summer.

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