Are you down with the Samba? Here is how you can connect with your favorite team


If you are a fan of The Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, the first division of the Brazilian football setup, then you know you will always want to follow your team all year round. With 20 teams on the roaster every season, chances are that you will be spoilt for choice as to what team to go with. Big names Like Fluminense, Corinthians and of course 2016 champions Palmeiras are well-known and have a huge fan base, but even lesser outfits in the mold of Avai, Vitoria and Sport Recife also have a loyal following. The second tier of Brazilian football, The Campeonato Brasileiro Série B, is also a massive hit among fans. Regardless of where your loyalties lay, below are some ways to keep your team close season in, season out:

Go to games.

This would be the simplest way to gel with the Samba stars you have always loved. Brazil is known for its modest rates for match day tickets, so as long as you are living within the country, the cost should not really put a dent in your jeans. For example, Corinthians’ match tickets go for anything between$6.4 and $22.7. Season tickets to Todo Poderoso games will set you back around $553 but that is on the steep side. Smaller teams with smaller budgets and smaller stadiums charge significantly less.

Sneak in at open training sessions

Brazilian heavyweights Cruzeiro are known to have a strong bond with their base, and they do let their fans in on selected number of training sessions. The idea is to allow fans to interact with players and feel part of the community. Said sessions are free and take place at Cruzeiro’s home ground, Mineirão. It has a capacity of over 62,000. Other clubs try to match this tradition, all to varying degrees of success.

Buy club merchandise

In 2016, Flamengo sold 2,133,122 jerseys. Corinthians followed with 1,971,789 while Palmeiras sealed the top 3 list with 1,865,435. If you are looking for club merchandise, all you need to do is visit the website of your preferred team and order. You can also register on their web platforms in order to receive newsletters, videos, pictures and updates.

Catch them on match days on TV

The Brazilian league is quite the hit with broadcasters across the board, all the way from the home country to Asia, Europe, Caribbean and Oceania. Within Brazil, you can catch live games on options such as TEEN in Asia, SportsMax in the Carribean as well as Supersport and Laola 1 in Europe.
The Campeonato Brasileiro Série A is always a feisty affair that involves 20 teams and lasts between the months of May and December. Over the course of the 38 games, old rivalries are reborn, friends become rivals and history is made in the most spectacular of ways. The League has made Brazil’s national team, Seleção, one of the most successful on the world stage. The fun thing about watching the games on TV at home is that you can also hit up sites like Online Casino Bluebook, that offer reviews of the best sports betting websites to bet on your favorite teams!
The country has produced legends in the game, all the way from Pele to Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and most recently, Neymar Jr. With all the talent and action there is in the Brasileiro Serie A, you really have no choice but to keep up with your team of choice.

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