Ex-Liverpool Defender Hails ‘Complete’ Firmino


Former Liverpool left-back has paid tribute to Liverpool’s outgoing midfielder Lucas Leiva. Aurelio was the first Brazilian to sign for the club back in 2006. He was joined by Lucas one year later, with Leiva staying for a whole decade, before leaving this summer.

Aurelio told the Liverpool website about his friendship with Lucas and waxed lyrical over his contribution to the club website, “I spoke to him a lot when he had just arrived, because it’s very different to play in Brazil and then swap to England at the young age he was.

Lucas arrived from Grêmio and Aurelio helped the midfielder in his early days on Merseyside, “It’s a much more physical game. For me, it was a bit easier to adapt as I came from Spain instead of directly from Brazil.

“His position is also more difficult when you don’t have enough time to control the ball. He struggled a lot when he came into the team but we had confidence in him, we knew of his capabilities during training sessions. He had the confidence of the coach who bought him, Rafa [Benitez].

“It was just a question of time and his confidence during those difficult moments. He showed that he has very strong character and he swapped the situation from zero to 100.

“No-one in Liverpool could talk badly of him; he is professional, he has character in games, he is always fit to play games, he has played in a lot of positions to help the team.

“It’s not easy to be at the same club for that amount of time, especially not being an English player. He has all the compliments for that achievement.”

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