‘He’s Fed up With Controversies’ – Brazilian Journalist on Neymar Being Tired From Critics Questioning His Professionalism

Neymar Jr.’s professionalism and lifestyle are once again a subject of controversy due to the 29-year-old’s live tweets at 3 a.m. on the Brazilian Big Brother. Surely he should have been spending his time at bestaucasinosites.com? Furthermore, the Brazil international last weekend had a question-and-answer session with his followers on Instagram. 

Acts like these have had provided ammunition for Neymar’s critics, who have criticized his professionalism. Also, journalists and pundits state that the Paris Saint-Germain is more concerned about social media than on his rehabilitation after his injury against Stade Malherbe Caen. 

Regardless, Neymar took to social media, where he lashed out at those questioning his professionalism. 

“I’ve seen a lot of gossip sites that have picked up questions and answers,” Neymar said. “It’s cool; everyone laughed. It was funny, but the other day I posted my treatment here as soon as I woke up until the end of the day. I haven’t seen a single site that gave me credit: Look how professional he is. He takes care of himself. You only post what sells. And what sells is to talk badly about other people.”

During her interview with Le Parisien, Brazilian journalist Isabela Pagliari commented on the matter, where she states that Neymar is tired of the controversies.

“After his injury, Neymar paid attention to his diet, he began a sort of five-day diet based on vegetarian dishes, he increased the exercises, obtained a hyperbaric chamber at his home,” Pagliari said. 

“He wants us to focus on his athletic performance and not just anything extra-athletic. He’s fed up with controversies. He’s trying to win back the public, and it’s a process.”

Neymar is a lightning rod for controversy; however, he doesn’t need to eat and sleep football 24/7. Thus far, his lifestyle hasn’t affected his form on the pitch. Even when he’s spending his evenings on the best payout online casinos.

This season, Neymar’s play helped drag PSG out of the UEFA Champions League group stage. If Neymar’s lifestyle doesn’t impact his game on the pitch, then the discussion is obsolete.  

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