Sport Recife


Sport Club do Recife, (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈspɔɾti ˈklub du ʁeˈsifi]; known as Sport Recife or Sport, is a Brazilian sports club, located in the city of Recife, in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco. It was founded on May 13, 1905, by Guilherme de Aquino Fonseca, who lived for many years in England, where he studied at Cambridge University.

In football, the club has won six CBD/CBF titles, including three national and three regional. Its greatest achievements are the 1987 Brazilian Championship and 2008 Brazil Cup And thus being the only Club in the Northeast region that conquered everything in Brazil that already disputed. ↵In addition to professional football, the club also participates in women's football and Olympic sports, such as rowing, swimming, hockey, basketball, futsal, volleyball, table tennis, taekwondo, judo and athletics.

Your historical rival is the Santa Cruz, who disputes the Clássico das Multidões. The derby against Náutico is called the Clássico dos Clássicos, while the derby with América is called the Clássico dos Campeões.