FIFA launches 2010 FIFA World Cup Legacy Trust for South Africa

Blatter today (13 December 2010) presented the 2010 FIFA World Cup Legacy Trust at Soccer City in Johannesburg. This trust will support a wide range of public benefit initiatives in the areas of football development, education, health and humanitarian More FIFA World Cup News

Honour and pride Thirty-one-year-old Forlan helped two-time FIFA World Cup winners Uruguay to the semi-final stage of the competition for the first time in 40 years, his five goals playing a major role in his country finishing the tournament in fourth place. More FIFA World Cup News

Argentina remains ranked No. 5 followed by sixth-ranked England and No. 7 Uruguay while Portugal is eighth. The FIFA world rankings are determined by points awarded from match results in a three-year period, with more recent games given greater weight. More FIFA World Cup News

The FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil is a long way away now and they managed to reach the final, losing out to Uruguay. Brazil has developed a reputation for producing the most skillful and panache filled teams, and indeed, watching them is sheer bliss.


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