Maracana project delayed by a year as World Cup 2014 preparations take a knock

A new article in The Telegraph details the problems that have hampered plans to renovate the country’s famous Maracana stadium, plans which have now been put back by one year. The problems are detailed by the paper here:

The initial project was to keep the roof but Teixeira said “unexpected” problems had led engineers to conclude that it would be easier to install a new one than carry out repairs. The project will cost an estimated £400 million in total.

The paper also goes on to blame the state of the country’s politics and their administration for some of the problems that have already occurred, and which are likely to recur in the future:

It is widely believed in Brazil that problems over stadiums and other issues, such as security and transport infrastructure, can be pinned on the country’s Byzantine politics. Last year progress to 2014 appeared paralysed as the country went to the polls to replace President Lula. His successor, Dilma Rousseff, has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to the project but budgets cuts of around £20 billion are likely to have an effect.

You can read the entire article in The Telegraph HERE.

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