PSG Switch Works for Luiz

Given Chelsea’s start to the season many neutral fans would assume that David Luiz had taken a wrong turn by joining PSG in the summer. Sitting pretty, unbeaten at the top of the Premier League table and playing some of the best football around, there are few clubs that Europe’s top players would rather be at than Chelsea but, for Luiz, the switch could still prove to be a huge success.

Champions League Promise

Following last night’s impressive 3-1 win at home to Ajax, Luiz’ team are one point clear at the top of Champions League Group E and the Brazilian has called on the squad to make a huge push to finish above Barca. Keeping the Spanish giants off top spot will require PSG avoiding defeat at the Nou Camp when the two sides meet on 10th December but, having already recorded a 3-2 win over Luis Enrique’s side this season, they will be confident of coming away with at least the point that they need. With Chelsea assured of top spot in Group G, Luiz could come up against his old side later in the competition.

Image by: Ben Tavener

Misleading Table

A glance at the French Ligue 1 table might make fans and football tipsters, like those at, question whether Luiz was right to leave London for Paris. With the reigning French Champions currently in second spot behind Marseille it would be easy to suggest that Chelsea are out-performing the French club but a more thorough investigation shows that, actually, there is little to choose between the seasons that both clubs are enjoying. Like Chelsea, PSG remain unbeaten in the league but they have been pushed into second by an outstanding Marseille side who have won 10 of their 14 games. PSG have, however, already inflicted one defeat on Marseille and had they converted just one of their six draws into a win then they would have been clear at the top of the table.

Successful Campaigns

The final analysis of the wisdom behind Luiz’ move may have to wait until the end of the season but what seems certain is that both his current club and his former employers can look forward to very successful campaigns. Whether or not one of them will end up lifting the Champions League in June remains to be seen, but it would come as little surprise if they did.

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