Final of “Copa em Casa MRV” Broadcast Live

Faced with the global pandemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and the commitment to invest in Brazilian sport, a housing solutions initiative, MRV, have been promoting a new championship, Copa em Casa MRV (Cup At Home MRV). Their aim is to show that it is possible to transform “staying at home” in countless possibilities, including a virtual soccer championship, with casino online like bestcasinositesonline another great example. The action has led to fun and entertainment for fans of the Brazilian teams that the company sponsors: Atlético MG, Flamengo, Fortaleza and São Paulo. The final took place on 22nd April, you can watch it all as it happened below:

The virtual championship of PES took place, at first, internally between supporters of each club and, later, the teams faced off. Each of the teams held a competition among its participants and the winner of each tryouts played, in pairs, a tournament with the other teams sponsored by MRV. On April 22nd, the grand final was played in pairs and with idols from the teams from Fortaleza – Cícero Davi and Osvaldo (player), São Paulo Futebol Clube – Thiago Engel and Walce (player), Flamengo – Jeiel Nogueira e Vitinho (player) and Atlético – Anderson Farias and Guga (player).

The match was broadcast live on MRV channels, with narration by Bruno Cash and the possibility of comments and crowd interaction. The winner, São Paulo’s Thiago Engel, in addition to having the opportunity to play on the virtual field with one of his idols, received an MRV kit with a shirt and an invitation to the team’s first game with a crowd. Until that point, we recommend trying out for some virtual thrills.

“The idea of ​​this action was to provide the population with moments of leisure that are so important in this period that we are living, in addition to, of course, continuing, as always, with our incentive and sponsorship to Brazilian sport”, says Rodrigo Resende, director of Marketing and New Business at MRV “We are one of the private companies that most bet on the importance of sport in Brazil”, points out Resende.

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