Bruno Fernandes attempts suicide in prison

The former Flamengo goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes de Souza and his friend Luiz Henrique Romao (Macarrão), refused to testify at the hearing today in Rio de Janeiro as part of the process for kidnapping and bodily injury against the player’s former lover, Eliza Samudio. Despite having decided to remain silent, Macarrão told the judge Pasta Marco Jose Couto Mattos he and Bruno are not putting up any more with the “situation and that the goalkeeper tried to kill [himself] several times”. The Secretariat of Rio denies that Bruno has tried to kill himself.

Seven witnesses called by the defense were heard at the Forum Jacarepagua, in the west of the state capital, including the director of football at Flamengo, Zico, and club president Patricia Amorim. Macarrão and Bruno have been detained since July 7 at the Penitentiary of Contagem, Minas Gerais, and flew to Rio for the audience. They respond to the process of justice for the disappearance and death of Eliza. Both claim innocence.

At the hearing today, Patrícia Amorim said that Bruno will not return to play for Flamengo even if acquitted in proceedings, as the club’s image was battered by reports of involvement in the case of the athlete. Zico spoke for ten minutes only, said the player had a normal behavior and said he was surprised by the accusations.

The former Flamengo goalkeeper fainted before the hearing, inside a cell at the forum, according to the Court of Rio (TJ-RJ). He suffered a drop in blood glucose level.

Eliza Samudio is missing since the 4th of June, when police had been called to the site of Bruno in Minas Gerais to discuss the recognition of the paternity of her child. Eliza’s body was not found, but the delegates of Minas Gerais police believe the girl to be dead.

The hearing today is part of the process in which Bruno and Macarrão have been accused of kidnapping the ex-lover of the goalkeeper. Last year, Eliza had approached Rio police to say she was five months pregnant and that she had been attacked and they tried to force her to take drugs to stop the pregnancy.

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