Brazilian Youths Ready to Step Up

Brazil is always feeding the world with elite players. Finding these while they’re young and still in the making is the sole work of thousands of scouts every year.

With the South American U20 tournament ended and with a few months left before the summer transfer window opens, some of these players we’re about to review may take the leap forward to any of the top European leagues.

Despite having a poor performance and not even qualifying for the next U20 World Cup, to be played in South Korea, some players did had a good tournament and showed their potential at the South American U20 WCQ. Don’t forget to place your accumulator bet at William Hill for the next World Cup.

Lyanco (20) had one of the most solid performances across the tournament. As a centre back, he’s tall (1,88 mts / 6.2 ft) and strong, yet he has a good technique and an interesting short pass.

He is also getting play at his team, São Paulo. This versatile defender may have his days in Brazil counted, as the team manager, the former goalkeeper and star Rogério Ceni has admitted that talks with Atlético de Madrid are almost done and he may join as soon as the transfer window starts.

Other players which left a good taste in that tournament were Felipe Vizeu (19, Flamengo) and Richarlison (19, Fluminense). Richarlison joined Fluminense after a spell in his home team América MG for a $3 million transfer fee. With 27 games and 4 goals in the last season, he’s surely one of the most interesting prospects of Brazilian football.

Although not that strong physically, with a height of only 1,79 mts (5.10 fts), he has an outstanding speed and technique, and is always looking for holes in the defence to run deep. Although his main position is as a centre forward, he can also play in the wings, making him a versatile option for any team in the offensive line.

Although rivals in the local scene, as Flamengo and Fluminense are part of one of the most fierce derbies in the world, Richarlison and Felipe Vizeu teamed together to carry the weight of the Brazilian side at the SA U20 WCQ.

Felipe Vizeu is a more traditional forward, with a strong presence in the box (1.84mts / 6.1 fts). His main advantage relies in his header technique and his finishing skills, but he has a decent technique and can pivot to support the midfielders.

A teammate of Felipe Vizeu also showed a very interesting set of skills: Lucas Paquetá (19, Flamengo), may aim to big things in the near future. He has the talent, no doubt about it. He’s a very skilful player, with a very fast pace and a very good dribbling he can make fool of almost any defence.

His main position is as an attacking midfielder, playing in the centre as a classic playmaker. But he can play in both wings if needed. He has a very offensive mind and is always trying to reach the box. He has started to see play last year in his team and now aims to establish a more stable role over the course of the year.

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