Neymar is the new star of Brazilian Football, but who is he?

Everyone in the world right now is talking about Neymar, Brazilian football’s new star. The 19-year-old, who plys his trade at Santos, currently competing in the Paulista championship in Brazil, shone at the recent Brazil v Scotland match at the Emirates Stadium in London, and this only seems to have added to his status.

Much of the talk surrounds Neymar making a move to Chelsea in the English Premier League. Reports have stated that the London club made a bid for the player last summer but that this was rejected. The fans have been flared since the player spoke about the club in question, with this being reported in The Telegraph:

Neymar has described the prospect of joining Chelsea as a “dream”, adding: “The weather I don’t like all that much, but I could get used to it.”

Yet they also report that Santos President Luis Alvaro Oliveira doesn’t quite see it as the right move at this moment:

“Playing in England is not the same as playing at (Santos’ stadium) Vila Belmiro. It is much worse, because of the climate and the style of football, which he is unaccustomed to. We have demonstrated that, as he has developed into a player who represents the best of Brazilian football – being audacious, skilful, effective, attacking – he is going to become a key figure in the history of Brazilian football. He is going to gain international recognition, and maybe get chosen as the best player in the world, playing in Brazil. This is something that hasn’t happened since Pele’s day, and he has a golden chance.”

The situation is also complicated by some financial restraints as reported in The Guardian:

One problem attached to a potential Chelsea move for Neymar relates to his circumstances in Brazil. Santos sold 5% of Neymar’s future transfer fees to an investment company before the end of last year. That third-party agreement is banned under Football Association and Premier League rules, meaning it would have to be bought out in full by Chelsea for the player to be allowed to sign. Reports also suggest Santos will sell their other prime asset, Ganso, to Internazionale this summer, lessening any need to cash in on Neymar.

We will be keeping a close eye on the situation with Neymar so be sure to pop back soon to find out the latest.

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