10 Best Brazilian Football Songs

Unlike in the UK, where the presence of football in the charts is generally seen as a joke (for every “Three Lions” there’s always a “Diamond Lights” or Kevin Keegan singing “Head Over Heels In Love”!), in Brazil there’s always been a healthy tradition of football being a theme within popular music, with some of Brazil’s biggest music stars writing many songs about the beautiful game. In Brazil, there really is nothing better than getting the full football package, watching the football, while playing a few top footy tunes and even betting on sports at the same time. On that note, here’s our selection of 10 of the best Brazilian football songs.

Jorge Ben Jor – Fio Maravilha

Sergio Santos – Samba e Futbol

Rappin’ Hood – Gol

Sérgio Mendes – Meu Mundo É Uma Bola

Chico Buarque – Futebol

Paulo Moura – 1×0

Wilson Simoninha – Aquele Gol

Trio Mocotó – Replay (O Meu Time É A Alegria Da Cidade)

DJ Dolores – O Medo do Artilheiro Na Hora do Penalti

Zeca Pagodinho – Hino do Botafogo

Once you’re finished listening to those why not get out for a bit of street football Brazilian-style, or if that’s not your kind of thing then check out our list of the best rated online casinos.

But, of course, when it comes to one of the classic Brazilian songs associated with football, it turns out it wasn’t even a song about football at all. “Mas Que Nada”, written by Jorge Ben Jor, but recorded by Sergio Mendes, proved the hit when it was used in a Nike TV commercial in 1998 prior to the memorable World Cup 1998 in which Ronaldo got sick in the final, and we all know what happened next!

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