The Thrill of Sport in the Brazilian Sun

Few countries hold sport in such high prestige as Brazil. From the religious experience that is the nation’s obsession with football, through the obsessions with MMA, surfing, capoeira, footvolley, tennis and so on and so on, there’s no better way to experience sport than under the warming Brazilian sun.

But it’s not just in the nation’s sporting stadiums that exciting games are played, as Brazil’s beautiful beaches play host to a variety of idiosyncratic ball sports, and its evocative backstreets regularly witness the playing of card games that could be at home in an upmarket gambling hall or even online casinos.

Yet, one game that you probably won’t see in Rio is a game of poker. This is because all casino games have been banned in Brazil since 1946, and despite recent initiatives to legalise gambling, the closest that many will get to experiencing casino gaming in the sun is to go global and check out the best usa sports betting sites, featuring all of the glamour of the big casinos from the convenience of a smartphone.


Brazil does allow betting on some horse racing events, but for a surefire way to enjoy a winning taste of the nation’s sporting excellence, then a trip to Brazil’s legendary Macarenã football stadium is a must. Not only does this massive stadium regularly pack in nearly 80,000 rabid football fans, but its specially-curated stadium tour is a must for any self-respecting fan of the beautiful game.

However, you can also visit Rio’s legendary beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema to check out how youngsters learn to play in that highly-recognisable Brazilian way. Plus a trip to the beach also reveals the idiosyncratic charms of the Frescobol traditional beach game, as well as Brazilian card games such as Truco and Buraco that could one day be appearing at an online casino near you!

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