Ronaldo departs brazilian football amid many tributes

Ronaldo has hung up his boots, or at least the REAL Ronaldo has hung up his boots. They other fella’s still got a few years left. After one final injury put doubt in his mind Ronaldo revealed to the world that he was going to pack it in, leaving his team Corinthians with immediate effect. Among the many tributes to Ronaldo, possibly the most interesting is by Sid Lowe in Sports Illustrated. Here is a segment of that article:

A new arrival couldn’t believe his eyes during preseason one year, screaming “Run, you fat [expletive]!” at Ronaldo as he ambled about. Ronaldo told him to piss off. “You run,” the Brazilian replied, “I don’t. I score goals.” Five minutes later, Ronaldo had scored, and offered a cheeky: “That OK by you?” It was classic Ronaldo. Even teammates saw the logic in it. A smiling Míchel Salgado recalls players telling the coach not to force him to train: “Ronaldo would say, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll get you two goals’ — and then he would go and get two goals.”

Read the rest of that article HERE.

And here’s the incredible goal he scored against Compostela in his only season at Barcelona:

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